Shoshanna debates whether camp counselor is a ‘real’ job on Girls

Now that Girls character Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) has graduated from NYU, she’s been on the job hunt and failing miserably in her interviews thanks to her unique inability to hold back what she thinks about the job, the company and even the interviewer.

In the “Close Up” episode (Season 4, Episode 6), Shoshanna is interviewing for a job at instant-soup company Madame Tinsley’s when she insults the name of the company, which her interviewer and company founder Scott (Jason Ritter) named after his ex-girlfriend.

After ridiculing the brand (which admittedly is pretty terrible), Shoshanna gets into a debate with Scott about whether camp counselor can be considered a “real” job on a resume. She doesn’t win the debate (even though she’s right!) or get the job, but she does convince Scott to ask her out on a date, a far-fetched outcome I can forgive only if it means Ritter will hang around another episode or two.






Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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