Sinead redeems summer camp promise in ‘Moone Boy’

The Moones thought they were making a promise they would never have to follow through on when they told their daughter Sinead she could go to Girl Guides Jamboree Summer Camp if she finished first in her class.

“They failed her last year for spelling her own name wrong,” Debra Moone says in the flashback to when the promise was made in the “The Bell-End Of An Era” episode of Moone Boy (Season 1, Episode 6). “Good,” Liam replies.


But when they see Sinead studying and find out why they discover they might have to make good on their promise, after all. So they do what any comically bad parents in a sitcom would do: they try to sabotage her. Each parent tries to distract her and when that doesn’t work they even try to disrupt her during the final exam to no avail.

Sinead presumably finishes first in her class because during the end credits we see her at camp and discover that the two-for-one deal that would have made it possible for her sister Tricia to also attend camp went to Martina instead (her brother Martin wearing a wig) and the show ends with Martina and his imaginary friend Sean (Chris O’Dowd) singing around the campfire, Sean playing a banjo that only Martin and those of us watching at home can see.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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