Speedy Ortiz puts Buck’s Rock alumna in the spotlight

Speedy Ortiz is an up and coming noisy rock band from Massachusetts that’s been capturing buzz and making a name for a former camper and music teacher at Buck’s Rock Performing Arts Camp who fronts the four-piece.

In highlighting the band in a recent post, the MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog mentioned frontwoman Saide Dupuis’s summer camp connection, noting that she wrote the song “Ka-Prow!” while teaching a songwriting class for teenagers at the camp.

Prior to teaching at the camp, Dupuis was a camper, something she credited in another interview with having a significant impact in where she now finds herself.

“I played piano when I was young but didn’t play rock until I was thirteen at Buck’s Rock, a summer camp that’s more of a self-directed artist’s colony for teens,” she told PhantEye blog. “There, I got to play in bands and record songs and try out any instrument with no real commitment–drums, cello, oboe, whatever. It’s the coolest place. I doubt I would be in bands if I hadn’t gone there. I wound up working at this same camp as an adult, which was really rewarding.”

For more on the band, you can check out facebook.com/speedyortiz.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

I'm the editor of Summer Camp Culture and also blog at Tangzine.com and MatthewRalph.com. I live in the Philadelphia area and went to camps and camp meetings growing up in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

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