Star of ‘Home Alone 3’ spent a summer working as a day camp counselor

Alex Linz, who played the lead role in the 1997 movie Home Alone 3 in his acting days, worked as a camp counselor in California for a summer.

This nugget of information comes via Uproxx and a “whatever happened to” piece they did on the former child actor. Linz, who is 27 and has a degree from UC Berkeley, is pursuing a career outside of acting in regional planning and public policy.

Linz served as Lead Science Instructor at Camp Galileo during the summer of 2013. The experience is listed on his LinkedIn profile:

“Camp Galileo is a leading educational summer camp based in Oakland, CA. As Lead Science Instructor, I was responsible for organizing materials and curricula, keeping an orderly and dynamic classroom, delivering engaging lesson plans and activities, and managing campers in a safe and nurturing environment. Camp content included presentations and hands-on activities in basic physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biological science.”

Home Alone 3 was one of 36 credits Linz had during his acting career. His most recent credit was in the 2007 movie Choose Connor.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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