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Macramé camp was first referenced in ABC sitcom Suburgatory during the end of the show’s first run in May in an episode entitled “The Great Compromise.” The compromise in the title was made between Lisa Shay (Allie Grant) and her then-boyfriend Malik (Maestro Harrell) and resulted in him agreeing to go with her to macramé camp (must be love). Unfortunately, we never did get to see their budding romance at camp as that was the last the show has mentioned the camp until the episode that aired Nov. 28.

In the episode, Lisa is fresh off a breakup with Malik that was caused, in part, by her mom accidentally walking in on Malik in the shower (and awkwardly talking to him about her days as a summer camp counselor). Suddenly an “independent woman,” she decides to crash Tessa’s (Jane Levy) planned product-placement tablet reading evening with activities that might best be left at camp.

Showing up unannounced, Lisa breaks out her sleepover trunk, which looks a lot like a summer camp locker and includes many of the things you would find in a summer camp craft shop. Along with the craft supplies, Lisa also has a fish wrapped in foil that has been smoking in her closet for weeks. The fish, she explains, is tied to an odd camp tradition in which you catch a fish in Friendship Lake and share it with your best friend.

Making watermelon hats (pictured above) is also apparently a thing you do at macramé camp.

Matt Ralph

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