Suburgatory – Sheila Shay’s Summer Camp Past


Not too many experiences can be more awkward than accidentally walking in on your daughter’s boyfriend getting out of the shower, but Sheila Shay (Ana Gastayer) manages to make it even more awkward when she walks in on Malik (Maestro Harrell) in the “The Wishbone” episode of ABC’s Suburgatory.

Rather than drop the towels she was bringing to him and promptly leave the room, Shay tells Malik that she’s only looking at his eyes and then goes on to explain that as a summer camp counselor she once had to do nightly tick checks. For his part, Malik tells Sheila that he has a white pediatrician about her age and he’s totally cool with it. The whole sequence is painfully long but not surprising given Shay’s character on the show, which is an over-the-top creepily nice and gossipy neighbor of Tessa (Jane Levy), her daughter’s best friend, and George Altman (Jeremy Sisto).

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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