Sue Heck on ‘The Middle’ once won a trip to summer camp by selling cheese and sausage

Sue Heck heads off to college in the season 7 premiere of The Middle and while on the road to East Indiana State her mom gets sentimental.

“You’re someone I spent every day with for eighteen years,” Frankie tells her, talking on a walkie talkie while Sue rides in her brother Axl’s car. “Except for the three days at summer camp that you won selling cheese and sausage.”

Though Sue (Eden Sher) has never gone to summer camp on the show, it’s not the first time a reference has been made to Sue selling sausage and cheese. Way back in Season 1 (Episode 4 “The Trip”), Sue traveled all over Indiana selling cheese and sausage so she could win a four-day trip to Indianapolis.

Why this summer camp she “won” was only three days is a bit of a mystery, but knowing Sue and the way bad things always seem to happen to her she may have only made it through three days of camp and been sent home because of some calamity. That is if Frankie remembered to send in the money, which she forgot to do in “The Trip.”



Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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