Summer Camp Inspired 13-year-old Rapper Lil JaXe

Jake Zeldin, aka Lil JaXe, is a 13-year-old rapper with anything but a typical back-story for a budding Canadian star. A severe stutterer who struggles to speak complete sentences, Zeldin came home from summer camp three years ago declaring his intention to become a rapper. The inspiration: a rap battle with fellow campers where Zeldin surprised even himself by how smoothly he was able to rattle off the rhymes.

In the three years since the summer camp breakthrough, the young rapper’s career has blossomed as he’s rapped, according to his Facebook artist page, alongside Drake, TYGA and the Far East Movement and performed with Karl Wolf, Captain Hooks, Harvey Stripes, AGame, JD Era and Maria Aragon.

His story made it to CNN last week in Sanjay Gupta’s “The Human Factor” segment, which you can see embedded below or at this link.

Media accounts of Zeldin’s story (see here and here) don’t mention the summer camp he attended by name but the Toronto resident does “like” the local to his area summer camp Camp Timberline on his personal Facebook page.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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