Summer Camp Links December: 12-20

Camps, especially religiously affiliated ones, can often have an out of sight out of mind relationship with their surrounding communities. But a recent fire changed that for Camp Ramah Darom and its local Georgia community. Forward has the story “How a Winter Fire Burned Down the Walls Between a Jewish Camp and Its Neighbors.”

Progressive rock band The Dear Hunter are getting in on the summer camp for adults trend or at least the marketing an event as summer camp fad with their own “camp” in upstate New York in July. Ticket costs range from $899 to $2,299. Go to if you’re into that kind of thing.

Speaking of music and summer camps, there’s no shortage of musicians with summer camp connections. The Algemenier profiles a couple of them, former Jewish camp song leaders Eric and Happie, who recently released their debut album It’s Yours.

YouTube stars Tyler Oaks and Bethany Mota’s summer camp wasn’t a one-off. The duo will be returning next summer for another helping of Camp-17 in Connecticut. AdWeek has the deets.

Syracuse University student paper The Daily Orange has a column on of all things tattoos. A recent one profiles a tattoo inspired by a late father’s summer camp letters.

Maggie Rogers, the pop-singer whose song “Alaska” blew up in part thanks to a viral video of Pharrell Williams’ reaction to it, released a music video for her song “Dog Years” that was filmed at the summer camp where she wrote her first song, Camp Wohelo.

Ka-boom! National Review has an excerpt from Jay Nordlinger’s new book Digging In: Further Collected Writings about a summer explosives program at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Camp Arroyo Grande in California has been sold and while details of the sale have not been disclosed it sounds like the property, which is used for Camp Tacanneko summer camp program, will no longer be used as a campground.

The Wet Hot American Summer gang are working on a Love Boat in space TV series called Moon Cruise for TBS.

A first-time camp parent writes about “The Value of Summer Camp” on the Fernwood Cove blog.

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