Summer Camp Links: December 28-January 3

Actor Ben Platt ‘fessed up recently in an interview with Paper about a time he stole a bunkmate’s Harry Potter book at summer camp.

Ice hockey isn’t usually a sport you think of when you think of summer camp, but the North Jersey day camp Camp 613 is pretty serious about it as an offering. “Floor hockey is great, but to be able to have ice hockey is amazing,” said Rabbi Hermann, director of the camp’s boys division, in this Jewish Link of New Jersey article. “We have campers as young as first and second grades putting on helmets, participating in drills and playing mini scrimmage games. It is definitely a unique opportunity.”

The Washington Post‘s recent profile of composer Howard Shore mentions how he met Lorne Michaels at summer camp, where they put on a show that later inspired Saturday Night Live. “We were pretty good,” Michaels was quoted saying in the article. “Just a summer camp in Canada — but the plays were taken seriously.” Though not mentioned in the article, the camp was Camp Timberlane. You can read more about Shore and Michaels at summer camp here.

A Quebec village that has been used for dozens of films and was once a popular tourist attraction is for sale for $2.8 million and possible uses that would preserve the property would be a summer camp.

Offbeat Bride has photos of a summer camp wedding at Camp Men-0-Lan in Pennsylvania while Junebug Weddings has photos from a wedding at Rideau Hill Camp in Ontario.

Faith-based movie Yellow Day, which was inspired by the real-life Camp Grace in Mobile, Alabama, is now available to watch online on Amazon.

Camp Arrowwood in Tennessee does a nice job sharing the story of camp through a current counselor named Roland in a video where he reads a letter he wrote home as a camper and talks about camp from his perspective.

Pennsylvania camp Camp Joy El got some local media coverage for their annual pork and sauerkraut dinner, which honors a local tradition/superstition and also helps the camp recruit local volunteers.

“When you take a trip home, you’re not really traveling, you think, so you don’t need to pack everything. Home is a place where toothpaste is abundant, where — surely, you think — there are extra normal pairs of pants. And then, two days later, there you are, wearing a pastel cardigan from 2009 and your first boyfriend’s camp shirt.” -from a New York Magazine article titled “Home Is Where the Weird Clothes Are.”

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