Summer Camp Links: February 24-March 2

I don’t know about where you live, but the last week of February brought some incredible unseasonably warm weather to the Philadelphia region and a slew of summer camp-related links as well. Did I miss something? Email me at

• Couples meeting at summer camp isn’t anything new. But how about four siblings who all met their spouses at the same camp? JTA has the story about four couples who all attended Camp Moshava in Ontario.

• It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the guy who broke the news that Moonlight had actually won Best Picture and not his film La La Land went to summer camp. Jordan Hororwitz attended Camp Takajo and they definitely took notice of his graciousness in an incredibly difficult situation.

• Speaking of the Oscar snafu. The photo of Horowitz holding up the right card with Moonlight as Best Picture has been used to create a popular meme that replaces Moonlight with older and not necessarily Oscar-worthy movies, like for example Ernest Goes to Camp.

• Song writer and camp director Scott Brownson is kickstarting an album of Christian worship songs inspired by his time at Clydehurst Christian Ranch in Montana. Grammy-nominated producer Paul Mabury is involved in the project.

• Camp America has a fun video of British guys explaining the different types of “Lads at Summer Camp.”

The Hearts of Men, a novel set at the fictional Camp Chippewa in 1962 by Nickolas Butler comes out on March 7. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

• Happy Campers Podcast’s latest mini-episode is “Grown-Ups Just Want to Have Fun!

• Instagram led the hosts of the Campfires & Color Wars podcast to their latest guest, who is the ropes course director at Camp Walt Whitman in Piermont, New Hampshire.

• Nickelodeon is planning a live-action variety special called Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special. Thirteen-year-old singer, dancer, performer and “social media influencer” JoJo Siwa will be performing for the special on a network that it’s hard to believe was once home to quality programming like Salute Your Shorts and The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

• Summer camp officials were among those duped by a Massachusetts prankster who posted an ad on Craigslist saying he was closing his convenience store and wanted to give away 3,000 Hot Pockets so they didn’t go to waste.

Social media and smartphones have made camp a year-round experience.

• Maggie Rogers’ new EP “begins with the sound of crickets and an interpretation of a campfire song she used to sing at summer camp.” Rogers released a video for her song “Dog Years” in December that was filmed at her summer camp, Camp Wohelo in Maine.

Camp So-and-So, a Young Adult novel by Mary McCoy came out this week.

CNN Money takes a look at President Trump’s child care plan, which he announced during his address to Congress on Tuesday, and notes that a proposed “dependent care savings account” would allow families up to $2,000 tax-free that could be used, among other things, to pay for summer camp.

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