Summer Camp Links: February 3-9

• Popular comic series Lumberjanes is being adapted into a series of illustrated middle-grade fiction novels. The comic series centers around five girls at a summer camp who solve supernatural mysteries and is also being developed into a live-action movie.

• Raleigh, North Carolina’s website wasn’t up to the task of the more than 8,000 summer camp registrations processed when registration opened on Monday.

• New York Family has a guide to Sleepaway Camps.

• For many Americans raising their children abroad, summer camp can be “a vital tool in helping their expat offspring feel at home in their country of origin.”

• There’s a long-running summer camp fundraiser in Maine where participants stuff raw eggs down their shirts and hop on flatbed trucks with snowmobiles. Each egg represents a $50 donation and they raised nearly $100,000 to send 600 kids to camp.

• Wait, camps are using social media these days? I had to triple check the date on this article to make sure it wasn’t written in 2004.

• I get that it’s referring to a card game, but you have to wonder if calling a camp fundraiser “Hearts Are Trump” is the best idea in the current political climate.

10 Signs You Belong to an Inclusive Camp Community

• An abandoned castle-like mansion in Roscoe, New York known as Castle Dundas and Craig-E-Clair was once home to a children’s summer camp.

People highlights a Utah ski camp for teen amputees called Camp Un-Limb-ited.

• Veteran camp directors Erin and Garrett Graham are the new owners of Camp Glen Arden in North Carolina.

• If you somehow didn’t already know, when school isn’t in session over the summer, college campuses across the country play host to summer camps and other programs for young people.

• Dr. Henry Heimlich, who is known for inventing the Heimlich Maneuver, was a former camp counselor. Because of course he was. Heimlich died in December at the age of 96.

• When MMA fighter Felice Herrig’s parents couldn’t afford to send her to summer camp, she raised the money herself by going door to door fundraising in her Buffalo Grove, Illinois neighborhood.

• Moostache Films has a video produced for Indian Head Camp called “The Traditions of Camp.”

• Camp Laurel has a blog post that touches on a similar camp tradition theme titled That’s So Camp: “Campfires and s’mores may bring people together, and songs and spirit may keep traditions alive, but ultimately camp would not be camp without positive energy. No matter what camp you attend, the amount of support, love and camaraderie is unlike anywhere else in the world. While all camps differ for various reasons, perennially camp traditions are alive everywhere.”

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