Summer Camp Links: May 12-18

As I write this, I’ve just come in from a hot car with 94 degrees on the temperature gauge. Yes, summer is coming and while that means summer camp it also means heat and in the humid East Coast, stickiness. Here are some links that have gotten my attention in the past week. Email me with others at

• In an essay about the band U2 for the Houston Chronicle, attorney and writer Emily Wolf writes about how she first heard the band when she was 9 years old at summer camp. “I first heard ‘The Joshua Tree’ at overnight camp in 1987, and I have been in love with U2 ever since. I use the phrase “in love” because I think it most accurately describes our relationship. I might not know Bono (vocals), The Edge (guitar), Adam (bass guitar) or Larry (drums), but I do know U2 — the phenomenon that transcends the sum of its mortal parts — like I know my own heart.” Read the rest of the essay here.

• Museum of the White Mountains in New Hampshire has a new exhibit titled Summer Camps: The White Mountains Roots of an Iconic American Experience that will be on view through September 13. As part of the exhibit there are also a series of videos posted on YouTube and more content from the exhibit forthcoming online. Click here for more information.

• A food and music festival in Austin has a Thurston Moore-inspired dessert on its snack menu. It’s called “Thurston S’mores” and was created by Aaron Franklin and Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar in Houston.

• lists five fictional summer camps you “shouldn’t send your kids to” and one you probably should.

• Norfolk, Virginia’s Recreation, Parks and Open Space Department is sponsoring a Legends of the Hidden Temple-themed adult summer camp activity.

Inside Higher Education takes a look at “What Higher Education Can Learn from Summer Camp.”

• The Good Men Project has an interview with the creators of the Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp tabletop roleplaying game.

• Nickelodeon has a “Sizzling Summer Camp Special” coming to television on June 4.

• Pilgrim Lodge, a Christian camp in West Gardiner, Maine is hosting a Camp Pride event for high school age youth who identify as LGBTQ+.

• Bacon loves rejoice! There’s a Camp Bacon food lovers event being held in Ann Arbor, Michigan May 31-June 4 as a fundraiser for Southern Foodways Alliance.


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Matt Ralph

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