Summer Camp Links: May 19-25

Seth Rich is a name that has come up a lot in the past week because of wild conspiracy theories over the murder of the former Democratic National Committee employee. Much of the coverage of these theories and the backlash from his grieving family have focused very little on who Seth actually was.

Writer John Podhoretz, however, did share an interesting personal connection to Rich in an article for Commentary Magazine titled “The Shame of Defaming Seth Rich.” It turns out Rich was a camper and counselor at the camp Podhoretz’s daughters attend: Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. Podhoretz quotes camp director Jacob Cytryn in the article: “His intelligence, charisma, and emotional openness made him someone you wanted to like you and someone you wanted to be like. He was one of the great campers, an exuberant, roofball-playing, teenage mutant ninja turtle-dancing, light-and-sound-board-controlling platinum blond kid from Omaha with a massive heart and a brain and a soul to match.”

• Dunkin’ Donuts is coming out with a s’mores-flavored frozen coffee drink.

• A parent writes in the Boston Globe about sending her daughter to the camp she attended – Alford Lake Camp in Maine – for the first time.

• Though it wasn’t filmed at a former summer camp like the original movie, production of the Dirty Dancing remake that aired on ABC on Wednesday had a summer camp vibe.

• “Raleigh camp that’s given so much now needs help.”

• Episode 24 of the Campfires and Color Wars podcast welcomes the filmmakers behind the independent film Into the Who Knows.

• Entertainment Weekly has the trailer for Season 2 of Rooster Teeth’s animated web series Camp Camp.

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