Summer Camp Movies Currently in Development

There’s been a lot of news lately on the development front for movies set at summer camp. Here’s a rundown of the current film projects being developed with a summer camp angle.

Camp Manna

This comedy farce starring Gary Busey as “a slightly-deranged born-again Vietnam vet who manages a Christian camp” recently wrapped up filming on location in Traverse City, Michigan at Camp Arbutus Hayo-Went-Ha for release some time in 2016.

Magic Camp

Steve Martin co-wrote the script for Magic Camp with Stu Zicherman and was reportedly in talks to star in the film last year, but there haven’t been any updates on the project since that report in August 2014. The movie is about a straightlaced banker who returns to a magic camp he attended as a shy child to work as a camp counselor.


This horror-comedy in development by Frank Marshall and DreamWorks was only recently announced. It’s described as Gremlins or Goonies style movie about “a group of adolescents at a summer camp haunted by an urban legend that dates back to the Colonial period.”


20th Century Fox has a live action film adaptation of the popular comic book listed as a priority project. Will Widger has been tapped to write the screenplay.

Dance Camp

Dance Camp is a collaboration of Awesomeness TV and YouTube and will star popular YouTube personality Meg DeAngelis and actor Nadji Jeter. It’s slated to release later this year.

Moose Jaws
Filmmaker Kevin Smith is making a Jaws with a moose movie that will reportedly be set at a summer camp and have Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein playing a camp counselor character who is a mix of Bill Murray in Meatballs and Roy Scheider in Jaws. Jay and Silent Bob will reportedly reprise their roles in the film, whic is slated to be the third movie in Smith’s Canada trilogy that includes Tusk and the in-production Yoga Hosers.

Jay Berger Wants to Be Your Friend

Former child star Haley Jo Osmont is set to play the title character, a guy “who loves his old summer camp way too much,” in this comedy from the team that made Drinking Buddies.

Camp Couture

Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures announced this comedy in April. It stars Emma Roberts as a spoiled teen who is “forced by her parents to a ‘regular’ camp filled with misfits and not the famed elite fashion camp known as Camp Couture that she would like to attend.” Ian Southwood is writing the film with production by Nickelodeon’s Julia Pistor with Kelly Cunningham.

Camp: The Documentary

Joaquin Phoenix is producing a documentary that follows a group of LGBT teens as they head off to a summer camp called Camp More.

Hacker Camp

This film about a computer camp counselor and his campers who “stumble upon a serious cyberterrorist threat” and “become embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse” was announced in February with writer Tripper Clancy on board. The film’s concept is described as School of Rock meets WarGames.

The Interestings

Meg Wolitzer, author of the best-selling novel following a group of friends who meet at an Arts Camp in New England, has said previously that the book might be adapted into a television series, but it’s listed as a film project on IMDB that was slated for release on August 28, 2015. Kickster Productions is listed as producing the film and there’s a Wix site that says it’s coming soon in August 2015. Hopefully, something happens with either a movie or a TV series because this book really should be adapted.

Sleepaway Camp Remake

Robert Hiltzik announced last year that despite interest from several studios in remaking the ’80s slasher film, he decided to try to remake it himself to protect his artistic vision for the film. That put the breaks on the remake and there haven’t been updates on his attempts to finance the movie himself.



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