Summer Camp News & Notes – Week of Feb. 12

• Voting for The Campie Awards kicked off this week. This site was nominated for a Campie Award in the category of online resource along with a host of other great sites. To vote in this and other categories, go to

• A team of students and faculty from the University of Tennessee are going to China this summer to lead a three-week English language summer camp for Chinese college students.

• Here’s one way to recruit summer camp volunteers: a cup cake challenge.

• What’s a Valentine’s Day without a met-at-summer camp love story?

• Here’s a cool summer camp job for a creative artist: Comic Book Design Counselor.

Autostraddle has images from artist Simone Meltesen’s work-in-progress series Girl Paintings that “draw inspiration from sources such as girls’ sleepaway camps, Girl Scouts, the Riot Grrrl revolution, girl gangs, slumber parties, and family photos, I create elaborately detailed, surreal coastal landscapes that are populated by a utopian society of adolescent feral girls.”

• The availability of financial aid is credited with helping Jewish summer camp enrollments continue to rise in an economic downturn in this JTA report.

• “Beyond dissatisfaction with their current routines, I’d argue that the summer camp fantasy is uniquely appealing to comedians too. One of the biggest draws of a comedy writing career is the casually collaborative atmosphere. Whether in a formal writer’s room or just a bar where you’re drinking beer and building on bits, comedians largely thrive on each other’s presence. Maybe it’s because most of them were real unpopular in middle school, and the idea of being an insider in a gang of buddies is especially attractive. The comedian’s perfect environment? Someplace like summer camp, where everyone’s always goofing off together.” -From a Splitsider article about David Wain and his new film Wanderlust, which is partially set at a perpetual summer camp-esque commune.

What did I miss this week?

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