Summer Camp News & Notes – Week of Feb. 5

• The Wet Hot American Summer sequel rumors picked up this week with Michael Showalter stoking the embers by telling  Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that a sequel was 100 percent going to happen.

• Here’s something you probably already knew but is backed up in this Psychology Today article: Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient.

Shared Worlds Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Camp at Wofford College is a two-week residential summer camp that gives campers an opportunity to “build entire fantasy or science fictional worlds” and write stories about this “shared world” that are then published in a book. via Pop Candy

• I’ve noticed a growing community of Tumblr blogs waxing poetic about summer camp. Here’s another one: Summer Camp Confessions.

• I’m not in the market for picking a summer camp so these articles usually don’t do much for me, but I do love the headline in this News Journal story that is a good reminder for summer camp marketers and prospective parents alike: “It’s cold outside — time to pick a summer camp.”

• The guidelines at the town-run summer camp in Markham, Ontario, where the toe-sucking and porta-potty licking for candy was reported last summer, are getting an overhaul by local officials. In case you didn’t know reading the article, the Toronto Star broke the story.

• Moose over at Summer Camp Program Director chatted up Miss Brenda, who blogs about summer camp ideas, at Corduroy’s Button.

• Travis Allison spoke with business and camp consultant Jay Gilbert, author of the forthcoming book “The Cabin Path” in this Camp Hacker TV interview.

• Your Local Market, a Bellevue, Wash., organic grocer held a “FridayFest” fundraiser for Camp Korey, a Washington organization that offers summer camps and services for families dealing with childhood life-altering and life-threatening illnesses.

What exciting summer camp-related news and updates did I miss this week? Post a link in the comments.

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Matt Ralph

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