Talia remembers her first kiss at camp on Pretty Little Liars

Two characters on the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars went for a bike ride and ended up at the fictional Camp Koatohee, where one of them had her first kiss in the “Out, Damned Spot” episode (Season 5, Episode 19).

Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Talia (Miranda Rae Mayo) end up at Camp Koatohee while on a bike ride in the woods and Talia takes her to the spot of her ill-fated first kiss with Marvin Biglioni. Biglioni burped after leaning in for a kiss, but it was the summer after fourth grade so that isn’t completely unexpected. “He looked like a frog,” Talia says.

“You were trying to turn him into a prince,” Emily says.

Since the show is set in the fictional town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and the girls rode their bikes there, it’s safe to say the fictional camp – the ranger station sign indicate it’s in a state park – is also in Rosewood.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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