Tanner girls went to Camp Lakota in ‘Full House’

The Tanner girls went to Camp Lakota in the “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” episode of Full House (Season 7, Episode 1).

When the episode opens it’s the last night of camp and Steve is telling a scary story about Cropsey (part man, part mud) to the girls in the Chickadee cabin.


The next day the girls return home, sporting their yellow Camp Lakota t-shirts and a little post-camp attitude. When Uncle Jesse calls her Munchkin, Michelle insists that he use her camp nickname Trail Mix instead and when Uncle Joey says he’s made all of their favorites for lunch Stephanie asks if he means “chipped beef and bug juice.”

“Guys, Joey can’t make that,” DJ says. “That’s camp food. Besides no one can make it like Greasy Abe.”

“That’s funny, I don’t remember any Greasy Abe on the brochure,” their dad says.

When the girls return to their room to unpack – Michelle says “I gotta go unpack and see if my clothes still smell like camp” – Michelle pulls Gilbert, the rabbit she helped nurse back to help out of her bag, claiming he wouldn’t let her set him free at camp.


When their dad sees Gilbert he tells them they need to go back to camp to set Gilbert free, but when they arrive at an empty camp it’s storming and Steve’s car gets stuck in the mud. When Michelle hears about the mud, she’s immediately nervous thinking that Cropsey must have something to do with it.

“There is no Cropsey maniac,” Stephanie tells her. “That’s just a story counselors tell kids to shut them up so they can go make out.”

But none of them are so sure of that when the door swings open and a large muddied figure starts lumbering toward them. It turns out it’s Uncle Joey with Danny, who came to bring Gilbert (he chewed out of the box he was in).

In the end, they are all happy to return home, realizing that camp isn’t so great when there isn’t anybody there and that they really did miss their family and creature comforts. Back at home, they make s’mores in the fireplace and have a few laughs together as a family when Joey accidentally sits on a plate of s’mores.

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Matt Ralph

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