Hall of Famer Ted Williams had a summer camp in Massachusetts

The Ted Williams Camp was established in Lakeville, Massachusetts, in 1958 for boys ages 8 to 17. The Hall of Famer’s rationale for starting at the camp at the time, quoted in a 2009 blog article about the camp:

“One of the bright spots of my life was the first time I attended a boys camp. A strong body has been one of my greatest assets, and I attribute its beginning to this early camping experience.”

Activities at the camp included baseball instruction but there were also traditional summer camp activities and the occasional visit from the Boston Red Sox star. The camp remained operational up through the early ’80s and the property was acquired by the town of Lakeville in 1986.

Images of a decal and a 1958 brochure for the camp were found on eBay.



Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. Thanks for this update. I am in the Ted Williams Camp parking lot now as I type. The camp is a beautiful park operated by the Town of Lakeville. Today 8-21-16 a regional triathlon is being conducted in the Loon Pond lake and surrounding area. The baseball fields have been preserved. Two old basketball courts remain with new backboards on very old poles. Most cabins are long gone but one is used annually as a Haunted House for the town. A new structure has replaced the original dining hall and is used for galas and parties and it provides a view of the water. Few remnants remain to remind one that this was a summer course for many years, in addition to the park’s name!

  2. I attended Ted Williams from 1979 through 1983- a fantastic experience and one that i will never forget!! from a camper to junior counselor- great memories

    Scott Watson

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