The Amazing Race’s Zev & Justin

Zev and Justin are close friends who met at Camp Greylock in Massachusetts and appeared in Season 15 of CBS reality show The Amazing Race and returned recently for the show’s Unfinished Business run of episodes.

Though Zev (Glassenberg) and Justin (Kanew) aren’t Camp Greylock’s most famous alums – actor Peter Falk and Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills are listed among the camp’s lengthy list of notable alumni – they certainly have garnered a lot of attention for the Massachusetts boys camp they each attended for the better part of a decade. Both proudly wear their Greylock T-shirts and have demonstrated for viewers the special bond that is formed among campers and staff members at summer camp.

Zev has also brought a fair amount of positive attention to Asberger’s Syndrome, which he doesn’t let get in the way of his competing in a show he counted among his favorites before being picked to compete based on this audition tape.

The duo quickly became fan favorites, something self-professed jaded writer Jace Lacob commented on upon their untimely exit from Season 15 in the L.A. Times Show Tracker Blog:

In their way-too-brief time on the race, Zev and Justin managed to endear themselves to many, many viewers (including this jaded writer), and I was rooting for them to go all the way and take home that cash prize at the end. If they were going to go out, I had hoped that it would have come down to something race-related. Certainly not this way and not after they found their footing and pushed ahead in “Sean Penn, Cambodia.”

I’m going to miss Zev and Justin. They added not only heart but also humor to the proceedings, and they made the race an infinitely more interesting journey. Sadly for these two, the good karma they put out into the race didn’t come back to them. Despite the elimination, I’m proud of them for the way that they played the game and for their unbreakable bond of friendship. High fives all around, indeed.

Click HERE to see Zev and Justin’s intro video for their Season 15 appearance and HERE for a video promo for Unfinished Business. Visit for full-length episodes and more information on the show.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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