The Aquabats! Super Show! goes to summer camp


The Aquabats, the Orange County band with their own children’s TV show, went to summer camp on the second episode of season two that debuted on Saturday afternoon (June 8) on The Hub cable network.

In the episode, The Aquabats spend time at Camp Radventures, a camp for young AquaCadets.

“While the rest of the members train the campers in their various superpowers, The MC Bat Commander tells about The Aquabats’ origins, recounting the band’s original Aquabania mythos while quoting from their 1997 song “Theme Song!” When a group of Cadets are kidnapped in the middle of the night, the group realizes it’s the work of a mythical shapeshifting beast, and the Commander’s suspicions quickly fall upon the camp’s beloved and irrepressibly perky counselor Jewel.”

Satirical rapper Leslie Hall guest stars on the episode as Camp Counselor Jewel. Check your local listings for air times. The episode isn’t available to watch online through iTunes, Amazon Instant or Hulu yet, but we’ll share links when it goes up.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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