The Goldbergs: Barry had a fake summer camp girlfriend named Marian Lemieux

Barry Goldberg’s fake girlfriend from Canada is referenced in an episode of The Goldbergs (“George! George Glass!”) where Erica Goldberg decides to “George Glass” a guy she likes.

The namesake of the episode is a reference to a The Brady Bunch episode where Jan Brady makes up a boyfriend named George Glass. When Barry hears about Erica’s fake boyfriend (a swimmer named Jordan Wahlberg who goes to Villanova University) he pokes fun by talking about his real girlfriend Laney.

But Adam quickly reminds him of his own fake girlfriend.

“Marian Lemieux wasn’t fake; I met her at camp,” Barry says. “She spent all her time at the lake but then had to leave for a modeling emergency, it happens.”

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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