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It’s not often that procedural shows get into summer camp reference territory, but CBS legal drama The Good Wife had a summer camp-related storyline smack dab in the middle of a recent episode that mostly focuses on a human rights case involving a social networking site run by a Mark Zuckerberg-esque CEO. The episode is called “The Great Firewall” but for the purposes of this blog, the action that grabbed my attention was a storyline where summer camp and mudslinging politics intersect.

Of course, there’s a little help from the computer too since it’s digital photos from Drama camp that end up helping to bring down the political opponent of one of the show’s main characters. If that sounds a little far-fetched, the incriminating photo is of a Jamaican nanny (a purportedly unpaid one) helping said political opponent’s son unload a van at camp. As we find out at the start of the episode, one of the other candidates in the race has already had her own Nannygate controversy, but can a candidate who isn’t a mother really get away with this kind of scandal? The answer of course is no and the summer camp photos make sure justice is served. Or something like that.

An important question left hanging from the episode though is what the heck the nanny did while the teenage son was at camp? Is it possible that the nanny stayed at camp with him? Bringing your nanny to camp with you should be a scandal in its own right for the kid and his politico father. Click HERE to watch the full episode.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. The nanny had a baby in her arms– as seen in the photo (see his little feet). That is what she was doing when the older boy was at camp.

    Some mysteries don’t work. This one does. Thanks for the shout-out.

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