The Last Bison recorded album at summer camp in Virginia

Virginia band The Last Bison recorded their latest album at a summer camp where some of the band’s members have worked.

Released in September, the album titled VA was recorded in an A-Frame cabin on the property of Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The band wrote about the decision to record at Triple R Ranch on their website:

When deciding where to record our upcoming album VA we had three basic criteria – cheap, relaxing, and inspiring. We knew that anything close to home would help with the relaxing part and likely the cheap part. Launching into this project independently meant doing so without a label footing the bill, and thus travel, lodging, meals, space, gear, engineers, etc… was all on our dime. This is where long time friends came to our side and provided again and again to make this project succeed. The A-frame building we recorded in is called the Wigwam and was built in the 60s on Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake, VA. Triple R was generous enough to let us claim the inspiring space for rehearsal and sound studio.

The band, which is playing at SXSW in Austin later this month, has described its sound as “mountain-top chamber music” so the summer camp environment makes sense, especially with a personal connection to the camp where members have served and the band has played concerts. The A-Frame shape of the Wigwam has been used for the album cover and as a symbol for the band.

Check out the trailer for the album and purchase it online on Amazon.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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