Brad tries to start a summer camp dance fight on The Middle

Summer camp made its way onto The Middle again this week with a passing reference in the episode “Thanksgiving IV” courtesy of Sue Heck’s (Eden Sher) friend and first ever ex-boyfriend Brad (Brad Ciarlelli) who has apparently been spending too much time at performing arts summer camp.

Brad and Sue go to rival Roosevelt High School in search of Sue’s missing mascot head when they encounter some football players who Brad challenges to a dance fight when they refuse to help. What happens next is what you would expect to happen when a theater geek challenges a football player to any kind of fight: Brad ends up with a bloody nose, confused about what just transpired.

“Who punches a guy while he’s on his tippy-toes? That’s not how a dance fight works. I mean seriously, where did that guy go to summer camp?” Brad says as Sue consoles him.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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