‘The Mindy Project’ to show flashback at Jewish summer camp


The Mindy Project isn’t just going to show a rekindled romance between Mindy Kaling’s character and a guy she met at summer camp played by guest star Seth Rogen in an upcoming episode. It’s going to show their first kiss at Jewish summer camp in flashback scenes where the two actors will be portrayed by younger actors, according to Kaling.

“Part of the episode is seeing what we were like when we were 12 at Jewish summer camp, so I think that’s really fun to write, two awkward, dorky kids at that age and then us now, not that much cooler than we were then,” Kaling explained in an interview on E! Online. “It’s nice because it’s like with Seth it’s great to just have long conversations with him. It’s really fun to just write that stuff because he’s just so funny and fun to talk to and then we were just like, ‘Let’s just write it. Let’s just walk around New York City and have conversations.'”

The episode, titled “The One That Got Away” (the grammar nerd in me cringes over ‘that’ being used instead of who) debuts on Fox on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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