The Nanny – Kindervelt Days

Part 2, Part 3

The nanny reminisces about her time at summer camp and brings Erik Estrada as her date to her 1974 camp reunion in this episode of the ’90s sitcom that debuted on Jan. 2, 1995. Incidentally, The Nanny star Fran Drescher starred in the ’80s set-at-a-summer-camp movie Gorp in her earlier days.

The camp the fictional nanny attended as a kid is actually Camp Kinderwelt (pronounced kindervelt), an upstate New York camp that in real life closed in 1971. According to Wikipedia, some of the staffers of The Nanny were campers at Camp Kinderwelt and decided to pay homage to their old summer stomping ground in this episode. Unfortunately, they didn’t go so far as re-creating any scenes at the camp or flashbacks. We have to settle for stories and a moldy camp photograph we never actually get to see.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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