‘The OA’ star Brit Marling was sent home from camp for her scary stories

Actress Brit Marling, who stars in the Netflix series The OA, was sent home from summer camp camp as a kid because the ghost stories she was telling in the cabin were scaring her bunkmates.

Marling revealed this anecdote at The Vulture Festival in a conversation with E. Alex Jung.

“I was staying at a sleepaway girls camp and the cabin was made of wood with eyes in it,” she told the audience. “I started telling the other girls in the cabin this ghost story. I told them the knots in the wood were eyes of ghosts and this ground was where there had been a massacre and everyone in the massacre was staring down from us in the eyes of the cabin.”

After telling stories over a few days, Marling said she was sent home with her parents because so many of the girls had complained of nightmares. “From early on I was invested in the idea that narrative structure works so well,” she said.

The OA was renewed for a second season earlier this year.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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