‘The Parent Trap (1961)’ isn’t too kind to Boston

Susan Evers in The Parent Trap isn’t a fan of Boston, which happens to be where her long-lost twin and camp rival Sharon McKendrick is from.

Susan’s disdain for the city comes out when she and Sharon are forced to share a cabin and end up discovering that there’s a reason they look so much alike (beyond the fact that they are portrayed by the same actress, Hayley Mills).

Surprised that Sharon doesn’t know who Ricky Nelson is, Susan asks her if she comes from outer space.

“No I’m from Boston,” Sharon says, to which the Californian snootily replies “Oh Boston.” As if to say her being from Boston explains why she’s so strange.

What it doesn’t explain is why Sharon has a British accent (Hayley Mills is, of course, British) if she’s from Boston. Interestingly enough, one of the twins (who are portrayed by American actress Lindsay Lohan) lives in London in the 1998 remake.

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Sharon apparently isn’t a fan of Boston either. Right before they leave Camp Inch, Sharon posing as Susan to California with their dad and Susan posing as Sharon to Boston with their mother, Sharon tells Susan that the most important thing is to get their mother to come to California. “Boston is no place to rekindle a romance,” she says.

The Parent Trap was written by David Swift, who grew up in Minneapolis and dropped out of school in 17 to move to Hollywood and pursue a career in the film industry.


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