The Path of Names Teen Fantasy Novel Releasing June 2013


The Path of Names is a middle grade fantasy set at a summer camp, which author Ari Goelman describes as “a kind of combination murder mystery / ghost story / ‘why did my parents make me go to summer camp?’ story.” The novel is the first for Goelman and while it’s not due out until June 2013 it is available for pre-order already from

Icey Books has this description of the book’s plot, which Goelman says on his blog is not based on his own experiences at summer camp:

Dahlia Shulman loves magic tricks and math and video games. She isn’t so fond of campfire songs, or lightning storms, or mean girls her own age. 

All of which makes three weeks at sleepaway camp pretty much the worst thing she can imagine. 

But once she arrives, Camp Arava quickly proves more interesting than Dahlia expected. First she sees two little girls walk through the wall of her cabin. Then come the dreams about a young Jewish man getting chased through the streets of New York City. The camp goofball makes Dahlia his best friend, while the camp caretaker seems to think she’s his worst enemy. And there’s a mysterious hedge maze none of the campers are allowed to get near . . . 

How can the little girls walk through the walls? Why does the caretaker guard the overgrown maze so fiercely? What do the dreams have to do with anything? And can lightning really strike the same place twice? Dahlia’s quest for answers will lead her right to the heart of the maze — but it will take all her courage, smarts, and sleight-of-hand skills to get her back out again.

via Icey Books

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