Tillamook Fireside S’mores Ice Cream


Oregon-based creamery Tillamook is offering up a new flavor of ice cream inspired by our favorite summer camp snack. They call it Fireside S’mores. Sadly, it’s not available anywhere near me, but I know what I’m going to look for at the store next time I’m in Oregon.

Now here’s something they didn’t teach us in scouts. Toasty marshmallow cream and graham cracker bits are actually inside this rich chocolate ice cream. Tastes just like those campfire s’mores you remember…plus a little help from the freezer. 

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

I'm the editor of Summer Camp Culture and also blog at Tangzine.com and MatthewRalph.com. I live in the Philadelphia area and went to camps and camp meetings growing up in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

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