Timmy starts ride share app to raise money for camp in South Park

What starts out as a way to raise money to attend Lake Tardicaca Camp for the Handicapped turns into a national movement in the “Handicar” episode of South Park (Season 18, Episode 4).

While Counselor Steve and the other staff from Lake Tardicaca are thrilled with Timmy’s fundraising effort – $2,063 at the beginning of the episode – summer camp hater Nathan and his lackey Mimsy are determined to sabotage the fundraising.

“We hate camp Mimsy, the singing, the competitions, Jimmy Farmer getting all the chicks,” Nathan says before hatching a plan to put Timmy’s Handicar mobile app transportation service out of business.

Like their plans to win Color War at summer camp in the “Crippled Summer” episode from Season 14, Nathan and Mimsy’s efforts to put Handicar out of business only seem to strengthen it as the idea spreads nationwide and becomes competition not only for Nathan but for car companies like Tesla.

This leads to a showdown Wacky Races race pitting Handicar against a collection of cars like Tesla, Zipcar, Lyft Car, a South Park taxi driven by an angry Russian and a Hummer salesman and his 2014 Hummer No Class.

You don’t need to watch the episode to find out that Nathan and Mimsy will be spending another summer at Lake Tardicaca.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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