Tootie fakes a summer camp boyfriend in ‘The Facts of Life’

Dorothy ‘Tootie’ Ramsey (Kim Fields) fakes a summer camp boyfriend to get out of going on an overnight camping trip with friends in the “Dear Me” episode of The Facts of Life (Season 3, Episode 9).

In the episode, which originally aired December 23, 1981, Tootie feels pressured by one of the guys going on the trip so she pretends that a junior tennis counselor she had at camp named Teddy is really her boyfriend.

To reinforce the lie, she makes up letters that Teddy has sent her from Washington. “Teddy’s letters would melt the chrome off your exhaust pipes,” she tells Jo (Nancy McKeon).

Curious, Natalie (Mindy Cohn) asks to see one of the letters so Tootie types one herself.

“Tootie honey, your Teddy is so glad you’re not going on that hike,” she reads in a letter signed “your hunkahunk of burning love.” “I shouldn’t be jealous but I know you’re too good for me and I don’t deserve you. Why is this cruel world keeping us apart? I can’t go on with this torture.”

The girls are convinced Teddy’s real so Blair decides to fly him up so he can go on the hike with them, but Tootie has to put a stop to it before it goes too far. It turns out there really was a Teddy Watson Jr. at her camp, but “the only thing he ever whispered in my ear was keep your eye on the ball, dummy.”

In the end, the girls find out the truth and Tootie learns a lesson that it’s okay to take her time and not allow boys to pressure her physically in relationships.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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