Top 10 Posts of 2011

1. Camp Hell Based on True Events? – The movie Camp Hell (originally Camp Hope) was released on DVD in August and the marketing captured attention for claiming the movie was “based on true events” and the attention of Jesse Eisenberg’s lawyers who objected to the way Eisenberg’s role was overstated in marketing materials.

2. Photo of the Summer Poll – All summer long we ran weekly photo polls of photos that captured our attention from the Facebook and Twitter accounts of summer camps.

3. Off-Broadway Camp Wanatachi Opens Jan. 21 – An off-broadway production of the musical Camp Wanatachi opened last January and created an indie buzz with its blend of summer camp drama and experimental music.

4. Beber Camp Beliebers – Beber Camp has embraced its similarity in name to Justin Bieber, but is still waiting for a visit from the Canadian pop star.

5. Minute To Win It – Kids Try This At Home – 20-year-old Chelsea Robbins used her Minute to Win It skills picked up at the Phoenix summer camp where she works to play for cash for the camp on the show back in April.

6. Bearded Boy Scout Ads – An ad campaign by the Boy Scouts depicting scouts with beards captured quite a bit of attention around the interweb, this site included.

7. Camp MTV – Camp MTV was a six-hour special that aired back in 1989, featuring Weird Al Yankovic plugging his movie UHF and random summer camp scenes interspersed that were filmed at Camp Scatico in New York.

8. Camp Bravo Promo – Camp Bravo promoted its lineup of summer programs with a summer camp-themed ad campaign featuring the stars of the network going to a green screen summer camp that was more glamp than camp.

9. Perkis Power Shirts – Shirts depicting the Perkis Power logo from the movie Heavyweights

10. The Amazing Race’s Zev and Justin – Zev and Justin, friends who met at summer camp, returned to the Amazing Race.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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