Transparent creator developing show about summer camp friends

Transparent creator Jill Soloway is developing a new project for MTV about two summer camp friends passionate about feminism.

According to Deadline, the untitled project is “about two young girls who meet at summer camp and bond over their passion for second-wave feminism. During a wild night in the forest both girls are struck by lightning and their friendship, power and destiny is fatefully sealed. Now, 10 years later, they romp around town hell-bent on saving all of womankind (if only they could save themselves first).”

Soloway, who created the award-winning Amazon show Transparent, is teaming up with Upright Citizens Brigade duo Lyle Friedman and Ashley Skidmore for the show.

Soloway attended camp as a girl at Camp Pinecrest in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Soloway idolized Marjorie Morningstar as a girl, but was disappointed to not find a friend like Marjorie at camp. She wrote about the experience in her 2006 book Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants: Based on a True Story:

Nothing went right for me. On the second night there, I found myself awake in the middle of the night, outside, lying on the ground. I had no idea how I got there. It turned out I had rolled out of bed in my sleep, and onto the floor, then right out of the space between the tent flap and the bunk floor. I may have slept outside for an hour. I got up, snuck back around to the front, and let myself in while the rest of the girls snored. I slipped back under my hard white sheets, covered in bits of stick, and prayed I would make friends soon with whom I could laugh about such an incident.

But friends were not in the cards for me. The girls not only didn’t talk to me, they even appeared to not see me. They lived in a bubble where they held loud private conversations in front of me that left no way in. They never specifically bullied me, they just behaved as if I wasn’t there. In fact, I bet if you found any of these Paiges or Braedens today, they wouldn’t even remember me.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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