‘Treehouse Masters’ visits Camp Four Winds for inspiration

Animal Planet reality show Treehouse Masters went to summer camp in a recent episode for inspiration (“Canopy Island Camp,” Season 3, Episode 9).

The project for a family on Orcas Island, Washington, was to build a summer camp-inspired treehouse overlooking the water but since show host and builder Pete Nelson had never gone to summer camp as a kid he visited his wife’s childhood camp for inspiration.

Camp Four Winds, where Pete’s wife Judy went, has a two floor treehouse of its own that greets visitors when they enter the Orcas Island camp. While at the camp, the couple plays pickleball, rings the bell and soaks up the view from the camp’s two-story treehouse.

After being inspired by the fun he had visiting the camp, Pete incorporated a rock climbing wall and archery into the design for the $120,000 backyard treehouse, which naturally turned out incredible and makes viewers wish they had that kind of money to spend and a tree-lined property to spend it on.

Watch Treehouse Masters “Canopy Island Camp” online at Amazon.


The two-story treehouse at Camp Four Winds in Orcas Island.


Pete ringing the bell at Four Winds.


Raising the flag on the completed treehouse, summer camp style.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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