West Virginia castle was once home to a summer camp

A castle built in the late 1800s in West Virginia was used as home base for a summer camp from 1938 to 1954.

Known as the Berkeley Springs Castle or the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage after the colonel for whom it was originally built, the property went through a number of owners and uses after its completion in 1891.

Its era as a base for a boys summer camp was ushered in by Dr. Ward Keesecker in 1938. The camp was known as the Monte-Vista Boys Camp.

The property was turned into a museum after it was purchased in 1954 by Walter Bird and operated until 1999. It’s been closed to the public ever since while being used as a rental venue for weddings, fundraisers and corporate events.

Below is a postcard from the castle circa 1937.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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