Wet Hot American Prequel?

The idea of having actors reprise their roles in a film from 10 years ago in a movie set 10 years prior to said film is pretty ridiculous (that means 40-year-old actors portraying 16-year-olds).

But if you’ve ever seen Wet Hot American Summer you know that nothing is completely far-fetched. Well, getting David Hyde Pierce, Michael Showalter, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper and Amy Shannon and others from the first movie all back together again might be a bit of a stretch.

Still, I’m not convinced that David Wain isn’t pulling a “turd burgers” on us – I laughed and assumed it was a joke when I first heard talk of it – but now that it’s on Huffington Post it must be real.

Well, actually it’s on IndieWire and by the way Wain talks about how the 10th anniversary of the first film is being treated by studio execs it sounds highly unlikely.

Already the subject of an art show in Los Angeles, Wet Hot American Summer’s anniversary will be celebrated at a sold out event in Brooklyn July 26 with Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter & David Wain.

UPDATE: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks and others have told Entertainment Weekly they’d return to Camp Firewood.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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