Wet Hot American Summer Cast Reunited For Radio Play

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The cast of cult classic 2001 summer camp movie Wet Hot American Summer reunited over the weekend, reinterpreting the film as a radio play as part of the San Francisco Sketch Fest, according to SF Weekly:

Two singers, a keyboardist, and a sound-effects specialist flanked the line of performers, who lingered in the back until they were needed for a scene and would run up to the microphones in front. Sound effects helped emulate the noises from making out, driving a hooptie, apocalyptic winds — all achieved with appropriately primitive tools.

Most of the main actors were on hand, save for Janeane Garofalo (whose stand-in was Busy Philipps) and David Hyde Pierce (his role taken over by David Cross) with a funny twist of replacing all of the kid roles with exceedingly expressive adults, including a brilliantly caped John Hodgman as a Dungeons & Dragons nerd. Bruce McCulloch, best known from The Kids in the Hall, rocked a lovely falsetto to play Aaron, the pre-teen paramour to Molly Shannon’s distraught art teacher Gail von Kleinenstein.

But in an evening full of curveballs, the most surprising substitution had to be that of Bobcat Goldthwait for Gene’s beloved friend, a can of vegetables. Goldthwait was a very smiley can of vegetables.

The reunion will likely intensify talk of a prequel, which director David Wain and other cast members have mentioned in interviews as a possibility. One can only hope it will happen and that the video (or at least the audio) of this performance that was reportedly captured will be released.

UPDATE: Geekosystem has photos from the event.

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