‘Wet Hot American Summer’ composer wants to do ‘Electro-City’ movie

One of the many things that made the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp series on Netflix such a success was the musical Electro-City that staff perform for the campers on opening night.

The music, the choreography and the plot of the production are intentionally over-the-top but the performance itself was, like the entire series, charmingly entertaining. The composer behind the music in Electro-City and both the series and the 2001 movie is convinced that the production could stand alone.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Craig Wedren said he’d like to see a movie version of the musical made.

“We really want to do a full Electro-City,” he said. “We need to make Electro-City: The Movie in the sense of Milos Forman’s Hair or like Xanadu. We could take it on tour; I have so many fantasies about the Wet Hot musical I could do — we just need someone to fund it.”

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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