‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve been working on the annual Holiday Gift Guide and I’ve discovered so many fun Wet Hot American Summer-inspired gifts, I figured it would be worth its own post. Check them out below.

Electro City T-Shirtelectrocitytshirt

Electro City, the staff musical from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is one of the best things about the Netflix series. Show your love for one of the best fictional musicals ever not performed on Broadway with this t-shirt.

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Can of Vegetables Puppet

The Netflix series showed the origin story of the talking can, voiced and played by H. Jon Benjamin. Now you can own your very own talking can where you do the voice-overs.

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7-inch Soundtrack

It’s been a long time coming, but finally there’s a 7-inch record soundtrack of the 2001 movie featuring the hit song “Higher and Higher” on the A side and “Wind” on the B side.

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Get the gift that Donna (Lake Bell) brought back from Israel and gave to everyone at camp in First Day of Camp.

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I Love You From My Head Tomatoes Apron

Get the gift Gail (Molly Shannon) buys for Jonas (Christopher Meloni) as a pre-wedding gift in First Day of Camp.

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Camp Firewood T-Shirt

Act like you went to Camp Firewood in 1981 with a Camp Firewood t-shirt.

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Framed First Day of Camp Poster

This collector’s item can be purchased through Steel City Auctions Gallery on Amazon.

Mixed Vegetables Can Bank

Save your pennies in this bank version of the talking Can of Vegetables.

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Silk-Screened Print

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Ronald Reagan Mask

Give the gift of impersonating Ronald Reagan with a Ronald Reagan mask.

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