‘Wet Hot American Summer’ series to take place on first day of camp

If it comes to fruition, the proposed Netflix series of Wet Hot American Summer will be set on the first day of camp, according to the 2001 film’s co-writer Michael Showalter.

Showalter talked about the potential series, which has an outline but no script as of yet, in an interview with CraveOnline.com:

The entire season would be just the first day?

Yes, but there would probably be flashbacks to that year. Yes, the entire first season would be one day.

Are you confident you can get everyone back?

Yes! Yes, we wouldn’t have wanted to do it if we couldn’t get everybody. So we did our due diligence before the fact and everyone wants to do it.

That’s so awesome.

Yeah. At this point it’s just a scheduling thing.

Are you going to try build up to things that came to a head in Wet Hot American Summer? Like, the ragtag team of misfits? Are we going to see them get together?

Potentially, but we’re not going to try to make everything make sense. There will be some of that but we’re not trying to do a really intricate story. It’s more just an opportunity to bring the cast back together and tell more stories about these camp kids.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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