Yani Gellman’s acting debut was in ‘Hello Dolly’ chorus at summer camp

Actor Yani Gellman got his acting career started as a 10-year-old in the chorus of a summer camp production of Hello Dolly.

“I did some musical theatre at summer camp when I was about ten,” he said in a recent interview with Design & Trend. “Music and acting somehow complement each other, I usually have my guitar with me on set or listen to different kinds of music to get into character.”

Gellman is best known for playing police officer Garrett Reynolds in the first two seasons of The CW show Pretty Little Liars, but the 29-year-old landed his first television role in Goosebumps episode Deep Trouble way back in 1998. The part came just three years after his summer camp stage debut and led to several other television series and television movie roles before landing a part in the popular 2003 Disney movie The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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