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Yellow Day is an evangelical Christian movie in development that’s set at a summer camp. The plot outline: “A year after falling in love and losing contact with a mysterious girl, a young man goes to the one place he thinks he can track her down, a bright and cheery celebration called the Yellow Day. Quickly he finds that at the Yellow Day, all is not as it seems…”

The Yellow Day team has been making the rounds at camp conferences to spread the word about the forthcoming film, but as of yet there isn’t an official trailer for it. It’s being touted as “a film, a cause and a movement” but it’s not clear what the cause, the movement or even the film is really about at this point.

Below is a vague video from the movie’s website about the making of the film that for some reason includes footage of Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who recently said the Sandy Hook shooting was a result of God being taken out of schools.

The movie’s website is

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