‘Young Drunk Punk’ references ‘Meatballs’ in episode about van culture

Young Drunk Punk is a new Canadian comedy set in Calgary in the early 1980s so it was only a matter of time before a reference was made to the 1979 Canadian summer camp movie classic Meatballs.

In the episode, titled “The Van” (Season 1, Episode 3), Ian McKay (Tim Carlson) and his friend Shinky (Atticus Mitchell) buy a van that doesn’t run but ends up becoming a party destination for dozens of young people in the neighborhood. Eventually, it becomes so big they don’t even want to hang out in their van anymore.

“We’ve created this madness,” Ian says to his friends as they approach the van in full party mode.

“It’s just like that movie where that guy creates that monster out of human meat then it goes out partying with everyone then I think he becomes the mayor?” Shinky says.

Ian then asks if the movie is Meatballs and Shinky, who clearly hasn’t seen the movie, agrees that it is.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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